Luz del dia Luna

A Poem to Coney Island (best read in the voice of Allen Ginsberg) Coney Island is very special place where the ghosts of dead lunatics and Easter bunnies that got made hover in an eternal cotton candy mirage. It’s a nightmare held in broad daylight. Coney Island is a poem written by sickly children. Its summer void of … More Luz del dia Luna

What’s Puzzling You Is the Nature of My Game

6/6/20 Biking home from work I crossed paths with another protest walk from Barclays, here in Brooklyn heading towards the bridge.  I’ve witnessed many due to our location.  This time I took the opportunity to walk several blocks against the foot traffic in order to take a closer look, to zero in on individual faces.  … More What’s Puzzling You Is the Nature of My Game

I Will Always Be There for You, If I Can, What if I Can't

We are in a time of great uncertainty due to the COVID-19 virus running rampant through the lungs of our country. Some, like myself are in self quarantine due to a positive test result from a fellow coworker. We all quietly await whatever horrors we may face in the coming months from this pandemic while … More I Will Always Be There for You, If I Can, What if I Can't

Where There is Love, I’ll Be There

But through all of these recent types of ordeals, what reveals itself most is our complete lack of empathy and understanding of how art is formed. It shows our love is so unrealistic and conditional. That so many believe they are fit to judge anyone or that it’s within our rights beyond a jury situation. We need to accept our artists and actors are regular humans and stop putting them on such silly pedestals. But regardless of how you feel about the person, trying to take away their positive artistic contributions after uncovering a glitch in their personal lives, is counterproductive. That is especially evident in this case where Michael is dead and clearly suffered his own demons throughout his entire life. … More Where There is Love, I’ll Be There