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a punk rap poem song

Bike Light Graveyard

Bike light death!

Bike light death!

Light is fading, street turns to black

Didn’t I charge you long enough?

Maybe the connection lacked

My cords are all whacked

Will they see me coming?

I counted on you to guide me

when I bought you I thought 

you would last forever

but instead in my head, 

I knew you would go out!

Why couldn’t you wait until we got home?

You were dimly lit at the beginning of the night,

I knew you would fade, 

and my fears were right,

when you started flickering at the light

I was on my own

to get home

No one knows the struggle

They live in bubbles

Gotta get to where they’re going

No matter what they hit

You were glowing, when I met you

So bright, I couldn’t look, head on

Now I better beware because I’m out here, like a target

A mark for a car, or a bus to forget

to look in their mirror

before they veer,

right or left,

I’m invisible now (dramatic pause, silence)

all due to… 

Bike Light Death!!!

Bike Light Death!!!

Better beware of….

Bike Light Death!

Bike Light Death!

(fade out) You see me don’t you? 

Hey look out!

Dude, put down your cell phone!

I’m coming right at ya!

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