Where There is Love, I’ll Be There

But through all of these recent types of ordeals, what reveals itself most is our complete lack of empathy and understanding of how art is formed. It shows our love is so unrealistic and conditional. That so many believe they are fit to judge anyone or that it’s within our rights beyond a jury situation. We need to accept our artists and actors are regular humans and stop putting them on such silly pedestals. But regardless of how you feel about the person, trying to take away their positive artistic contributions after uncovering a glitch in their personal lives, is counterproductive. That is especially evident in this case where Michael is dead and clearly suffered his own demons throughout his entire life. … More Where There is Love, I’ll Be There

Mrs. Plant

12/18/18 Christina could not have known that she would leave her little weekly soiree with needed assistance.  However, sitting there in the cozy living room with sparse wall decor and the chatter of festive friendly strangers listening to Bob Seger, she somehow knew this wouldn’t last. This wasn’t her scene.  She didn’t live through years … More Mrs. Plant