I was thrilled yesterday when I saw that a couple had written a whole rebuttal to my piece on Ryan Adams, Touch, Feel, Lose on my buds site http://www.pickinguprocks.com and the controversy surrounding him after the New York Times story was written, accusing him of being a serial abuser.  A small confession; I really hate … More Losering

City Country City

GUEST WRITER, REDISCOVER, STORIES & ESSAYS as featured on pickinguprocks.com War “City Country City” (1973) May 15, 2017 Here’s a show of love from Guest Rediscover-er, Andy Moreno. Take it away Andy…. Even though War’s “The World is a Ghetto”, was the #1 selling album in 1973, I don’t feel they’ve received their deserved accolades: they were, and are, … More City Country City

Hey There Lonely Girl

GUEST WRITER, STORIES & ESSAYS, WHEN YOU HEAR THIS SONG (WILL YOU CRY), from the PickingUpRocks.com site When You Hear This Song : “Hey There Lonely Girl” February 4, 2018 Andy Moreno talks on the song that saved her soul and everything else: Eddie Holman’s 1969 classic Hey There Lonely Girl As a pre-tween heading into what I could … More Hey There Lonely Girl